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Your child has Autism too? I get it!!! I understand!! I am here for you and we are all in this together. From one end of the spectrum to the other. We are here,all tied together for our children. We are connected, miles apart, but deeply connected with roots of love and faith for progression, awareness and acceptance for our children. They are different, not less. I am happy to have my piece of the puzzle and I am so happy and proud to say that I have met a group of other mommies who have children on the spectrum, we get it. We are going in the same direction and I would love for you to meet them and visit their blogs. Social media is a wonderful, positive thing when used correctly. That is what we have done and been doing. We are hear to spread the word that autism is not a life sentence. It is a book, on its own and each one of our children is a different chapter. We are from all over the United States but at times it feels like we are right next to one another cause we get it. Stimming, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, ABA, Food aversions, obsessions and so on. Autism is a part of our lives. It brings value and experiences. The diagnosis of my son almost 3 years ago brought me and my husband to tears but we had to use those tears as fuel for the future. Our son needs us and we all need each other. Autism is our journey. It is not about the destination but what we do along the way to empower one another.I am blessed to have come in contact with some strong women who have children on the spectrum. I am learning from them all of the time. We talk, we share..we get it- Autism.

Here are the other Mommies on a Mission just as we are : - S.L.A.P. Au-Some FB page from a very awesome friend : ) My FAVE Autism page. She does it for all of us. Strong Loving Autism parents. Great information and great community. You will definitely find something you like and can learn from. Go say hi. Her son is adorbsies too!! Love him. - She is an awesome mommy to her awesome son, whom I adore <3 Check her out. Go say hello!! She is on a mission. This Mommy and Little girl duo is amazing!! I love this blog. Take a look. It is about an awesome autism journey. Very sweet and eye opening. Yet another awesome mommy with a cutie pie for a son. Bob is amazing. Love that kid!! Go and say hello, you will love it there!!!
1525277_10201829375233415_107751085_n All posts about my son's autism journey are filed under the link/tab JJ and Autism
Come say hello!!!!

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If you would like to be added to the list, let me know!!! We are a community - UBUNTU
Peace, Love and Autism.
Dany Loor BSCS, M.Ed

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