Last Day of class. Although I have learned a lot. This class was very intense. I am so thrilled that I finally submitted my final DDDM project. It took me all day. That was the hardest final I have ever taken - ever. Very detailed calculations, summaries..etc. I thought I was going to have a break down when mid way I blacked out on how to do percentages. Really like I was working so long on this project, that for the life of me, I was stuck. How in the world can I figure out the percentage of 25 students when only 12 passed... I guess it was a really really super long Daaaaaaaaaaay!! Thank God my husband walked in right at that time tears were starting to fill p in my eyes due to frustration........He helped me out, finding me a great website that he has used in the past. I needed to see it to understand since I am a visual learner. Although I am exhausted, I am happy because I turned it in and long before the deadline of 11:59 pm. I remember doing my final project for my EDU505 class and submitting it at 11:52..later to find out I did not press OK but finally noticed at 11:57. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. This was an all day thing but I am grateful that I did understand what I was doing even if there were hundreds of calculation. I can never be an accountant : ). As of today. I have four MEd courses under my "black belt". Going to enjoy this week off. Family Time. Keep your eyes on the prize, it will prove to be all worth it!! FOCUS, DISCIPLINE. Tang Soo!!!


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