EDU520 - Digitally Mediated Learning Activity Project

iPads are a great tool for the preschool classroom. There are many applications that can enegage children. iPads make learning fun and enjoyable for children. By incorporating the usage of the iPad into the classroom setting,we are introducing children to technology and a new way of learning. This creates endless possibilities and a solid fopundation of infinite curiosty. With an iPad, children can paint, draw, read a book, sing, do a puzzle and so much more. At the same time children are using the iPad, they are learning to share, listen, participate, anticiapte, think, express and beyond.
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Although there are so many different things we can do with an iPad in the classroom, my Digital Mediated Activity focuses on using a "paint" like application called Sketch Guru, to have the children create a picture of their family. The preschool children will use this application to make a "family portrait" which is an extension activity to making a family portatrait out of clay, markers and paper and other mediums.
The image featured above was created using the sketch application. It represents a family portrait.
After using this application and creating their picture to their own liking, the children will save the image to be printed and framed. We all know children love to see their art work hung up on walls and everywhere in between. The really intriguing aspect of this application is that after the children create their image, they can use the menu button to press play and have it played back to them stroke by stroke from start to completion.
My digital mediated activity combines technology with art and at the same time helps a child strengthen skills such as fine motor, social, cognitive and creative. All of the skills mentioned are essential for a solid foundation in early childhood education.
My digital mediated learning activity is Montessori based. Here are some highlights about the Montessori Theory:
Montessori Theory:
Montessori education is driven by quite an ambitious aim: To help the child’s development into a
complete adult, comfortable with himself, with his society and with humanity as a
whole. Whereas the traditional approach to education, that exists today, remains focused
on the transmission of huge blocks of information and knowledge. The Montessori theory is focused
on giving support to children and that it is dedicated to the natural development of the human being.

My research on the Montessori Theory supports my activity because the children have a choice on which materials they wish to use to create their family in the dirst step of the project. It is totally up to them to use desired medias such as clay, paint, markers etc. The second part of the activity is technology based and although the children will be using the same application / program to create their digital family portrait- they still have a choice to use any color, any tool, any background as it is their desin and what they wish to see as the final product.
Interested in learning more about my project? Please read my research paper. You will find out some great information that relates to the content on my blog and extends this knowledge presented. Thank you
Great Highlights-
*Technology-iPad *Traditional-Variety of chosen medias *Montessori-child based/teacher assisted *Strengthening of social/emotional, creative, cognitive and fine motor skills *Developement of sense os self and family- "I am but one and I am part of a whole" (D.Loor) UBUNTU- I Am Because We Are..............ENJOY!!!

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