Loorducation for ECE

Loorducation - Quality Education for a Quantity of young minds.
The fundamental reason for setting up an early childhood education program like Loorducation is to nourish the minds, bodies and souls of our children and teach them essential lessons that will last a lifetime.
This program is necessary and beneficial to children and their families as well.
I feel that our program is necessary for young children because we teach values, morals, empathy, and compassion – all along with the basics of early childhood education programs like arts and crafts. We teach the children love, kindness and respect for all life. Having this as a foundation will give children high self esteem and nurture their learning.
While children are learning about math or reading they are learning about themselves and the world around them at the same time. We believe this fosters many great qualities that enhance learning. Children not only learn about respect but are given respect and are made known that their feelings count.
Teaching children in this manner will benefit their parents and families. Not only will they feel proud that they are in a nice learning environment but that they are building great character that will make them a successful individual in life. Families benefit from knowing that their children are well guided and taken care of. Children often go home eagerly to share the events of the day with their families.
The theorists that guided my decisions about the program are Friedrich Froebel, Maria Montessori, and B.F. Skinner.
I chose Froebel because he created kindergarten. He promoted play as the way children learn. He developed materials called “gifts for play” and also activities to promote learning. - (Introduction to Early Childhood Education, Eva L. Essa)
I chose Maria Montessori because in her programs children are made to feel important. The environment is child sized; with things in reach for the child.
I chose B.F. Skinner because he believed that the environment is important and it shapes all aspects of a child’s behavior. He also believed in positive reinforcement.-
(Introduction to Early Childhood Education, Eva L. Essa)

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