Friday, October 19, 2018

Let's Get to Know Each Other; Come Say Hello

Hello Everyone and Welcome!

This post is a reintroduction of me, Dany, the face of Loorducation

My name is Danielle Loor. I founded Loorducation in 2013. It all started as a Capstone Project for grad school and has since evolved and keeps evolving over time. Click on the link below to see the latest on Loorducation on Facebook  I would love to also see you across other platforms of your choice such as Loorducation on Instagram or Loorducation on Twitter . At times I am over in this place sharing ideas and thoughts. I hope you have. look around and share your thoughts, ideas, questions, and comments because they are valued. I am excited to share and for you to get to know me and I am as equally excited to get to know who you re as well. Thats what it is all about!

The handmade necklace I am wearing is from Tanya's Shop
My Shop is currently under construction but you can still check it out and see how others enjoyed my hand made and hand designed items.
I am a proud Autism Mommy. I am a dedicated autism advocate. I want to share our story and journey to help and inspire others and to let them know that there are no limits and anything is possible if we just believe. My Son is proof. In the Beginning there was a lot going on and the journey continues. I would not have it any other way. I would love for you to connect with me if you have any questions or are just looking for advice and someone to talk to.

Ten Random Facts about me (in no particular order, of course)

1. I love art and science.
2. I am passionate about teaching and learning.
3. I am creative.
4. I love to cook for my family.
5. I have been married for a little over 17 years.
6. I have four tattoos.
7. I went to nursing school. (Thank God, that did not work out)
8. I can speak, read, and write in Spanish.
9. I love to write.
10.I love puns. So, if you come across some good ones, send them my way.

So, Do we have anything in common? What else would you like to know? Let me know and I will add that to an upcoming post.
My son says I look like Vonellope Von Schweetz. 
Do you agree?

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

It IS You!!!

You can be anything you want to be and more. In fact, you are already something; everything.
Be passionate. Stay creative. Keep your dreams alive. You can be great at all you do; just do it all with love. You can do it all you just have to give it your all. Do your best. Each day, do the best you can and learn something new. Teach someone something without them even knowing. If you have it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand. Life is filled with infinite possibilities. There should be no limit to what you can dream. Just go for it. Reach for what you desire and do not hold back. Do it for your own good and for the benefit of your mind, body, and soul. No one can tell you that you are not capable or you can't do something. Never. You prove them wrong, not by words but with your actions. Your work will be in silence but your success will make the noise. Some people will not be able to handle it: those aren't your people. Look within and you will not be without. There is a great gift inside of you that you are to share with the world. You are doing an excellent job sharing thus far. It is superb what you have created already in only 10 years of life. You are a great professor. I am so happy you are YOU! Together, our family is showing the world that autism is not bad word rather a conversation piece. Turning negatives into positives and breaking every single stereotype out there. You can and you will do it. Forget that, you can and you ARE doing it. Autism IS your super power.