Thursday, September 7, 2017

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Etsy is Open!!!

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My Esty shop is opened but is currently under construction. I have two items posted so far. I am working on new material and projects. When I have items completed, I will post them at
Many items are available for personalization and can be customized. Some items included are notebooks, chalk boards, cork boards, white boards, and much more unique one of a kind stationery and educational related arts and crafts.
To see some of my work, stop by and you will see various creations. If you like something you see, let me know.


***Before needing to know what your children already know before I begin teaching the curriculum, I want to know if they have eaten, if they are comfortable, if they have clean clothes, if they have supplies, if they had a good night’s sleep, if they have someone who reads to them, if they feel wanted and loved… (The list goes on) Then, and only then, knowing these answers and fully understanding, will I be prepared to have your children ready to learn what a school system requires. If a child does not feel well, he or she will not learn well. If a child hasn’t eaten, is scared, fearful, worried, neglected; he or she will not learn well. When the heart is educated, the mind will follow. Not the other way around. Teach the whole child.
Danielle Loor M.Ed, MS, CAS
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