Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back to School

Hello everyone : )

It is Back to School Time.
Where did the summer go?

My name is Danielle Loor and I am the founder and creator of loorducation. Loorducation is a fun place that is dedicated to early childhood education and making learning fun.
You can find out more about loorducation by searching on Google.
There are all sorts of ideas and fun at too!!!
I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Child Studies and I have a Master Degree in Education with a concentration in teaching and learning. Currently I am attending University of Bridgeport full time seeking my 6th year CAS.
I have worked as a lead pre kindergarten teacher in a private school. I enjoyed my time with the 4 and 5 year old children.
I have a son who just turned 7 and he is going into the second grade. I am excited with the fact that he loves to read and enjoys learning very much.
That is very imperative to me. I desire for all children to engage in learning and embrace it. I wish to make all children lovers of learning for a life time. This is why I firmly believe that learning should be interactive, hands on and fun. It is vital to keep the focus of the children. This is why my focus is on constructism which is a learning model taht supports exploration, tinkering and using all senses for fully engaged learning.
I am dedicated to teaching the whole child.
Have an amazing and successful school year everyone. I look forward to this wonderful journey ahead and all of the unique and awesome children I will have the pleasure to work with and learn from.

Mrs. L

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