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My name is Danielle.I have obtained my M.Ed with a concentration in Teaching and Learning.I also hold a Bachelors of Science Degree in Child Studies from Post University.I have learned so much studying education. It is my passion. It brings me joy.
I completed my first student teaching practicum at a public school in the city where I was able to work in two different classrooms. Both classes were Kindergarten.I also completed my observations and assessments in early childhood education at the same public school.My second student teaching experience was at a private school where I worked in a pre kindergarten classroom up until a week before receiving my degree the executive director asked for my resume while I was student teaching so I gave it to her. Two days after I obtained my degree, she called me for an interview. I went to the interview and she must have liked me because she told me she wanted to see how I interact with the children and teach. I was to go back the next week to be observed while working the day inside the pre kindergarten classroom.The second day, she called me into the office to tell me she liked me a lot and offered me a job as the lead pre kindergarten teacher at the school where I did my last student teaching practicum until they opened the brand new school in a month. I never got to go to the new school since the staff and parents really liked me, I stayed where I was placed.Two weeks after my interview I started working inside of the classroom for 9 hours each day. I looked forward to going to work every morning.In June 2013, I resigned from my position as a lead teacher because I wanted to prepare my son, who is on the autism spectrum, for Kindergarten in the coming fall. During the summer of 2013, I taught my son and reinforced many skills. I worked with him in all areas and subjects focusing on his well being.
I am a very happily married woman. My husband J is a great, hard working man. I am blessed to have him and our son in my life. I love my family very much. My husband is very supportive in every way and encouraged me even more to obtain my Masters in Education sooner than I have thought I would.
I love teaching children. It is a true passion of mine. I enjoy play based, project based and constructivist based learning.I enjoy painting and doing arts and crafts. I love creating original projects and lessons for children.I also enjoy taking photos of what I create and sharing them with others. I enjoy documenting the things that I do. I have built a wonderful PLE that I am very proud of and that I look forward to expanding. I already own www.loorducation.com and am waiting on getting it up and running because I want to make it extra special. for now you can share in my passion at www.facebook.com/loorducation. I also am on twitter- @Loorducation and on Instagram as well- @Loorducation.
I am into brain games and use the speed reading program EyeQ.I also do Sudoku.I like to read new age books such as The Four Agreements, The Secret and The Power. I am a big advocate for Autism. For the past couple of years we have been walking for Autism and have raised money to support the cause.I enjoy creating autism awareness pins, ribbons and crafts.I love animals. I have two guinea pigs, George and Zebra Isabella -my son named both of them.I like taking pictures of things that have meaning to me and enhancing them with different filters to share on the internet.I am so happy that I can share my son's journey here on my blog hoping that it inspires people everyday. I want to do many things with my passion like writing children's books and creating my brand for educational supplies and related things.
I love to cook. I would rather be on the internet than watch TV but when I do watch it is something like TedTalks, documentaries, sitcoms or a good movie based on real life.I believe in Karma and giving back as well as paying it forward x 10. I would rather be home with my family than partying or hanging out, unless it is at Barnes and Noble, we love that place.I love traveling. I have been to Canada, Panama and Ecuador. Actually every year we visit my husband's family in Ecuador. I love the culture. I learned to speak, read and write Spanish about 11.5 years ago. I enjoy teaching English to native Spanish speakers and teaching Spanish to children.
I love God > anything because He placed this passion in my heart. He gave me my husband and our son and continues to bless us each and every day.

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