Constructive Kinder

That flew by. I have completed my Masters in Education Course.
As my final thesis/Capstone Project, I have created a website to show my work. I have developed curriculum for early math and one for early literacy, for Pre K and / or Kindergarten. I have put them up on my site. I put a lot of time into my project but it was all done for the love of education and with a deep passion.Besides this website and curricula that I have developed, I also had to write a report on the process, only about 25 pages : ) As well each curriculum was between 11-13 pages. Yes, I put much effort and time into this. I wanted to feel like I have truly earned my Masters in Education Degree.Put Love in, get love out.

My website is

I hope you check it out. Please let me know what you think. There is a contact form on my site. i look forward to hearing from you and I am very excited to showcase my work. All photos are original and owned/edited by me. I take pride in what I do.

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