Tuesday, March 29, 2016

GEO Board

An easy DIY Geo Board. Fun, practical and awesome!! Great for early child education mathematics / geometry skills and concepts. Hands on exploration. 

This is the first geo board that I made using an old cork board, colored push pins and rubber bands. The marbles were added later on for some extra gaming fun although they are not necessary - but in fact, go great with this.


1. Start with a small cork board. You can get them anywhere from the dollar store to IKEA. Any shape is good to use. I find that rectangular is best but you can choose circular, square or whatever you find available. Sometimes stores have cork board rolls where you can cut up and make your own shapes. Lots of options.

2.Get some colorful pushpins. Any pushpins will do but the colored ones can help with color recognition, patterning and order. Place the pushpins strategically on the cork board. Make rows and column (suggestion).

3. Have different colored and different size rubber bands available for use. Model for a child on how to properly place the rubber bands around some push pins - show by making a small square. Children are smarter than we may think, they will get the hang of it just like THAT! 

4. Let them explore, play and learn! You can draw some shapes and ask them to model the shapes. They can get really creative. It is a great open ended learning experience. 

Take a look here - www.constructivekinder.weebly.com


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