Sunday, April 28, 2019

To Fill in the Blanks....

  1. Autism is a super ability. It is something not fully understood. Yet, here, it is fully embraced. It is something to be celebrated and understood to the best ability we can. I can help you with that! New parents, newly diagnosed, curious parents...whoever wants to be educated. I am here for you to shed some light on autism. It is not enough with awareness, we need to end the stigma that is associated with autism.

  2. Can YOU fill in these blanks?

  3. My son is just like your child, only different. I write that with a huge smile because it is an oxymoron but it is so true when you think about it. So, think about it. They play, sing, draw, color, dance, and go to school (or are home schooled). They test our patience, are messy sometimes, and just loved to be loved. Our kids are bundles of joy, inspiration and imagination. They are inquisitive and need their voices heard. They are one in the same, only different because mine has a label. That is all. But in reality, we do not pay attention to that label that is placed on him. We see the ABLE not the label. He is able to do everything that a typical, healthy child can do. It has to be all about attitude and perception.

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