Thursday, September 26, 2019

Let Them Play!

Playing IS Learning.
Playing IS a child's work.
They are never too old to play.
Imagination and creativity are key!

Lots of times kids grow up too fast. They give up what people may call childish things way too soon. Time can fly. Time passes. Children need all the time they have to be children. They deserve to have the time to just be kids. It is their right. It serves them well into their adulthood.

Kids should not be forced to give up their toys and games once they reach a certain age. Toys can fuel their imagination. Games can foster their creativity.

Children should always have access to school and arts/crafts supplies. Different types of papers, markers, paints, glues, pens, pencils - and more! These are seemingly basic tools that give a child endless possibilities to express themselves. After all, art is life.

Another thing children should always have access to is a library. They need to be surrounded by books. Books of all types and genres. Books that will inspire them and ignite their inner desires. An unlimited supply where they get to choose what they want to read and when. Public libraries are amazing. All kids should have a public library card.

Of course children need responsibilities but they should never be expected to give up their childhood to rush into things that we have and need to be doing as adults. They have the rest of their lives to do these things. Lets teach our children not to rush time. Not to wish the days aways. Not to have the desire to grow up and be an adult. Childhood is short. It does not last long. We should value all the time we have with our children being little.

Children are not little adults. They are simply children. They still need to be respected and valued. Their voice needs to beard. They are not less but they are also not just little adults. We have to let that sink in. We should never underestimate children but allow them to soar beyond what we can ever imagine possible for them. We must supply the tools. They look up to us. Children need them but you know what? We need them too and many times more than they may need us. That is the truth.

Children value the time we spend with them. Let them know that we love them and not only by our words but more so by our actions.

So, get silly and have fun. Make new memories. Take lots of pics and enjoy life. Kids are our treasures, for sure.


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