Friday, September 14, 2018

To JJ with LOVE

He is perfect in my eyes. He is my son.
He is pure and innocent. He is love and affection.
He's an old soul an indigo child; wise beyond his years.
He is sweet and he is kind. He is unique.
This makes him perfect.
I guess you can say he is perfectly imperfect. What is perfection anyhow? Perfect is subjective; with a special meaning or meanings according to whom you may ask. Does it exist? Yes it does but only when we believe.

JJ is not going to be something one day because he IS somebody today. He is an artist, scientist, musician, explorer..and so on. I do not ask him what he wants to be when he grows up. That is a limiting question. What else do you want to do when you get older? That is more like it. He is being taught that you do not just have to be one thing and pick one career and have just one passion and path in life.That limits his potential. His potential is infinite. He can and do whatever he chooses. Life is meant to be lived fully and enjoyed each day. In reality it is all of the little things that add up to make life amazing. It is all about a growth mindset and life long learning.

He is funny. He is a clown. He is kind to others. He loves children and babies. He respects himself and others. He loves science and art. He is an amazing swimmer. He is perfect in my eyes. He is my son.

The grades on his report card do not mean anything; what matters is that he knows it is OK not know but it is not OK to not try. Never give up and make mistakes because mistakes are proof that we are trying. What did you get on that test is not an imperative question but rather how did you feel taking the test? Did you try your best? Yes that is all that counts. In five years we will not remember that grade but we will remember how we felt.

I love you JJ. If you dream it you can do it!

Autism is your super power.

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