Saturday, September 15, 2018

Time Has Wings

Time flies and that is for sure. We must savor each moment.

One minute he was a little itty bitty baby and now he is 10 years old. Where has the time gone?

Can someone clip its wings?

He started school at the age of 3 just after he was diagnosed with autism. He did not talk as of yet and he was still in pull ups. Now 7 years later he is in fifth grade and is a non stop yapper! I would not have it any other way. But boy was I worried about sending him to Pre K knowing he could not speak. Need I mention he hated shoes. So having to have shoes on for that time was something else. The very first day my husband and I stood outside the classroom door and two minutes later he was taking his shoes off. So what did we do? We left. They will help him. They got it. I had to let it go as hard as it was. What would they think of him?

We were so blessed. His teachers were so amazing and they loved him very much. They helped feed him and change him and although he was unable to speak I knew he was happy.

He started talking at almost 4 years of age. He started feeding himself a while after that. He was totally potty trained at 4 which was a huge success.

Lots of speech therapy in school and out side of school.Occupational therapy as well. Lots of trips to the ENT and neurologist too. Tubes in ears and let me tell you after they were out the speech was flowing. It was delayed because he was not hearing out of one ear and barely hearing out of the other. That surgery was well worth it. A blessing in disguise.

As I recall calling his name then yelling his name and getting absolutely no response what so ever. I was so frustrated that I shouted out "Are you deaf?" and still he did not look at me. He was fixated on the TV.

To have that time again when he was little oh how I would love it. AndI would not change a thing. Not one.

And time has flown over the years and those days are behind us but the memories still remain. And there are in place for all time. I love my boy and glad he is mine.

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